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Prevent money laundering

Preventing money laundering is a major responsibility and is valued by regulatory authorities around the world. Allowing money flow from money laundering criminal activities will likely fund terrorist activities and bring disaster to humanity.

In order to prevent criminals from using financial institutions to engage in money laundering activities and maintain financial security, Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co.,Limited. strictly abides by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and other laws and administrative regulations, such as:

Determine the identity of our customers and ask them to provide valid supporting documents and materials for verification and registration

Identify and monitor large, suspicious capital transactions and report any suspicious transaction types in a timely manner

Save the customer's account information and all transaction records for at least 10 years after termination of the customer agreement

Train employees to identify suspicious transactions and fulfill reporting obligations

Golden Day Profit Kamyip has the right to collect and verify relevant documents such as customer identification before the customer opens an account and all payments are made. The customer should provide all necessary information to Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co.,Limited. and this information will be provided to the regulatory authorities.

Golden Day Profit Kamyip is obligated to report all suspicious transactions and inform them that suspicious account activity clients that have been reported will be banned.