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About us
Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co., Ltd. is
            authorized and regulated by the National Futures Association .(NFA ID:0517483)

Our company has strong capital and rich management experience. We adhere to the corporate culture of "integrity, persistence, integration and innovation" and aim to provide customers with high quality online precious metals and foreign exchange trading services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, our company is fully engaged in precious metals and foreign exchange business to help clients achieve substantial returns.

The National Futures Association (NFA) was founded in 1976, it is a non-commercial independent regulator of US futures and foreign exchange transactions. It has a long history and is well known in the world, and ranked among the best in the ranking of international regulators.

The aim of the National Futures Association (NFA) is to establish ethics in futures and other markets to protect the interests of traders and investors.

The main goals of the NFA include: protecting consumers, increasing credibility within the financial system, and promoting competition while taking into account consumer interests.

As a fully licensed company, Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co., Ltd. will ensure that all NFA requirements are followed.

The National Futures Association (NFA) inquiry process: 1, open:; 2, click on VISIT BASIC; 3, enter 0517483 in the Search by NFA ID Number column; or 4, in Search by Firm Name column enter GOLDEN DAY PROFIT KAMYIP; 5, you can obtain the information of Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co.,Limited.